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His legacy
When Jeremy was born he was always a very good and quiet baby, just  like baby Kyle he
slept very sound and when he got upset he got VERY upset! Growing up he was
exposed to a variety of music and sports. I remember putting a pair of
drumsticks in his hands before he could even walk. He had a natural talent for
both music and sports and as we found out recently he could also write and even
sketch or draw. He loved to dance.........although I never really watched him
dance I'm sure he was good at it! Jeremy also had the unnatural ability to
dismantle or break things just to see what made them work or what was inside. As
Jeremy grew up he found love, sports, music, and cars. Jeremy was a very loving
person, he always made sure his friends were taken care of and his family was
safe. He never gave up on anything or anybody and always found it in his heart
to forgive no matter how bad you wronged him or hurt him, that to me sounds like
a Saint! Jeremy will always be in my heart and my mind as a true original, an
outstanding human being, a loving Father, brother,and husband that was taken from us way
too soon! A man that never quit and worked so very hard to always do the right thing!
Jeremy's in paradise while were "STUCK IN CHAOS!" until we meet again Jeremy....We all
love you and miss you, your smile, your laugh, your
touch, and your kisses, keep soaring with the angels and lift us up on your wings.

With all the love and admiration,

The Nuno Clan
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