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Talking about you  / Mom (Mom)

We made some new friends this last couple of months  at the ballfield and they didn't know you or that you had passed , they saw our sticker on the car and were a little unsure of how to ask about today they did and I very proudly told them all about you and how it still hurts to the core without you here and that you were the BEST!!!  That you were my oldest son  and my best friend and a husband and father. I was so touched that they wanted to listen and I just wanted to keep talking and talking about you because I feel like that is the only way to keep your memory alive and let people know that talking about you is a way of healing and excepting( no matter how hard that is) Believe me when I say excepting is the hardest ever I really love denial, but going on without you is a necesary part of our life now and we have to deal with that how ever we can just to get through the day sometimes. I have been reading a book about life on the other side and I was explaining it to Saby and he now tells me he talks to you ...God- I wish he could!!!We all miss you so damb much!

Fly with us always ~j~ bird

xoxoxo mom

UNBELIEVEABLE / Anthony Nuno (Dad)  Read >>
UNBELIEVEABLE / Anthony Nuno (Dad)
It's the eve of the day you left us and I still can't come to grips with it!! There are so many things I want to say to you and questions I want to ask you. I had my shoulder surgery and my arm is in this bulky sling for 6 weeks and I can't do alot around here and I find myself really appreciating what you did for us and that you were always here for us when you could be. It's just so unbelieveable youv'e been gone a year tomorrow! It's not an easy pill to swallow and this never goes away. Please come and visit us Jay we love your signs and look for something cool and unusual to share with friends and family.
With all the love, hugs, and kisses from Mom, Dad, Cassandra, Carlos, Sebastian, and baby Kyle!
Peace Jaybird ~ 
Missing your smiling face  / Mom Nuno (mom)  Read >>
Missing your smiling face  / Mom Nuno (mom)

I am having a really hard time this expected... I just wish I would wake up from this horrible nightmare and Jeremy would be here giving me a hug and telling me everything is going to work out and be ok then he would do something silly and make me laugh.I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!! It still hurts so bad it takes my breath away when it gets to quiet and my mind floods with all that occured that fateful day. Life isn't and never will be the same without Jeremy!!!  He was such a bright light in my world , that was blown out way to soon and now I am left here in the dark, struggling with the day to day. There are a few rays of hope that I am trying hard to focus on and be somewhat normal for ( if there is normal after losing a child)

Anthony ,Cassandra,Carlos,Sebastian and Kyle and Brandi have meant all the world to me this last year and without them and many other friends and family I never would of gotten this far in this awful daily journey I now have to to them I say thank you so much and please always stay close I need all of you more than you know!!!!

To my dearest Jeremy I love you kid and miss you every second of every day and I can't wait for the day I see you again, until then" fly with me until eternity"~j~Always loved never Forgotten!!!!!!! xoxoxo


Thinking of you  / Janet Shaw (Aunt)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Janet Shaw (Aunt)
Today has been a tumultuous day weatherwise: snow mixed in the rain wind hail... when I got home from work there was a blistery cold wind blow and swirl around , but the sun and blue sky opened up with scattered clouds and I loved it because it was dramatic... I though of you and how dynamically dramatic you seemed to me, such personality and passion for life.  You are missed and so many hearts are feeling the loss and sometimes it is just hard to express, but we haven.t forgotten and are taking joy in seeing little Kyle grow and look so much like Daddy.  Give Dad a hug for me, Love, Aunt Janet Close
Your birthday  / Trish Mom Of Jeremy (MOM)  Read >>
Your birthday  / Trish Mom Of Jeremy (MOM)
So your birthday is almost here and I am kinda freaking out. I want to do something but I don't know what to do. I can't stand that you aren't here to celebrate with us. I know we would of had a blast and you would of partied all night huh? I will send you 21 balloons and make a cake for you or maybe a dingdong LOL  ha ha ha . I miss you so much. Well have a blast up there in heaven my dear and don't cause to much trouble K . HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR LOVING SON!!!
 You were my ROCK , my STRENGTH, my WORLD , my FRIEND , my SON !!! You are forever missed and eternally loved! Close
Was that you?!  / Anthony Nuno (Dad)  Read >>
Was that you?!  / Anthony Nuno (Dad)
Today is 9 months since you flew home with the angels and it's been an ongoing part of my days and nights constantly thinking of you. Sometimes I manage to smile and maybe even laugh about some stupid shit we wound up in the middle of. It just doesn't seem fair that you and your entire family, and all your friends lost such an important and overwhelmingly beautiful human being! Was that you the other night brushing past my legs at the sliding glass door then making a bunch of tapping sounds all night in my room? I really hope so, because your Mom and I enjoyed it very much and can't wait for you to visit us again. I love you son and it crushes my heart not being able to cuss you out for destroying something else around here !  Thinking of you often and missing you forever, love, hugs, and kisses, from  Mom, Dad, Cassie, Carlos, Sebastian, and Silly!
Don't forget to visit!!!

Peace Jay-bird !!
Love, Dad
a bond strong enough to make a memory into a dream...  / Vanessa Furr (Soul Mates )  Read >>
a bond strong enough to make a memory into a dream...  / Vanessa Furr (Soul Mates )
I can remember when you used to hate being called that.
It was always Jay or J-bird, courtesy of tommy's dad,
but it wasn't until Monka and I started calling you that
did you actually start liking it and responding to it.

You know, I can still remember the day I met you.
Even before Dominican's house that day.......
it was at weslian...remember....
you always stood out in a crowd....

I remember you and tommy doing the chicken dance,
I couldn't stop laughing to save myself....

I remember the first time I met Pock...
your dad drove you guys think in the van...

There's just never a dull moment with you...EVER!

I loved how we could make an inside joke out of EVERYthing!
no matter what the situation....

I had a dream about you last night..thanks for everything...
it made everything okay, and i woke up refreshed, knowing
that you are here for me, whenever I need you...

I've been meaning to go see mom and dad and the chitlins...

I still cry every day....Its hard, but most of the memories are good
but its just hard to know that......wells theres a lot of things...
please just take care and i will talk to you again soon...

mucho amor

Why you?  / Anthony Nuno (Dad)  Read >>
Why you?  / Anthony Nuno (Dad)
Happy New year Jay!! Life around here just isn't the same and never will be. I hope when my time comes we will see each other, I can't wait to give you a big hug and play some ball with you. Baby Kyle is a lot of fun and at times can be a lot of trouble, but then again, so were you! It really pisses me off that such an awesome person as you could be taken from us before you even experienced life. I miss you and would really like you to visit more, if and when you can. I love you and miss your laugh, smile, and everything else about you!! When I look at some of the shit-heads you would hang out with and how screwed up they are I ask myself....WHY YOU, after all you had been through you turned into a very respectful young man. Missing you Jay!

Peace and love ~

creating memories of happiness  / Mom (MOM)  Read >>
creating memories of happiness  / Mom (MOM)
I have been trying to create memories of happiness for Cass, Carlos and Sebastian as well as for Dad and I this year isn't just full of pain and sorrow but it is so hard. We achieve a moment of joy but it always comes back to - we wish you were here to share it with us .We miss you so much and always will !!! I am not looking forward to the holidays but again I will do my best to make some joy for the rest of the family.You were always there for me , us anytime we needed you or wanted you to attend a family thing you would always be there and it is so hard to relize and except you are not there any more- I hate it !!! I just miss you like crazy!!!!!!! I will keep going because Cass, Carlos and Saby need me and I want to give them a chance to become as great as you were, so I will keep trying to create memories of happiness.Hopefully one day it won't hurt so bad and until then I will just push on and try to keep my head above water . xoxoxo Close
Blue jays and butterflies  / Lee Anne Krause (cousin)  Read >>
Blue jays and butterflies  / Lee Anne Krause (cousin)
Everytime I see a bluejay I talk to you.  Everytime I see a butterfly, I remember to encourage people.  We had so little time together... but the time we had was awesome.  I ache for your family.  This sofa king hurts... know that you are missed.  Close
Your son is amazing!  / Krystal Gensler (Friend)  Read >>
Your son is amazing!  / Krystal Gensler (Friend)

Jay watching Kyle this weekend made me miss you so much! There were so many things he did that reminded me of you! Like when he said "NOOO" he looked like you so much! And the fact that when he woke up crying in the middle of the night he wanted to look at the fish tank and pet my cat Balou! It was so funny when Balou would move Kyle would lift his head and kiss Balou and put his arm over him! I loved watching him because I felt a closeness to you! I love you Jay and hope you are watching over him everyday! Rest peacefully buddy I LOVE YOU! 

A tribute to you  / Anthony Nuno (Dad)  Read >>
A tribute to you  / Anthony Nuno (Dad)

Jeremy.......Cassie's catchers helmet was finished a couple of weeks ago. We had the back of the helmet done with your lacrosse number 7 and a memorial sticker to you. the top of the helmet has the S.I.C. scull and cross bones airbrushed on it, it's a total tribute to you! Cassie is afraid to scratch it and at first didn't want to throw it off her head, but she got over that once she got behind the plate. We need you to do us a favor and help us from above as we guide her in the right direction, a gentle push every now and then from you would be good! We are still not used to not having you here and don't think we will ever be. I think of you everyday, and miss you every minute. Don't forget to visit us, please!! Love, Mom, Dad, Cassie, Sebastian, Carlos, and Silly-butt

SO MANY QUESTIONS  / Krystal Gensler (Friend)  Read >>
SO MANY QUESTIONS  / Krystal Gensler (Friend)

Sometimes I sit and think of you and the person that you were. It drives me crazy when I think of all the questions I have for God.
Why you??? 
Why now???
Why couldn't he stay???
What is your plan???
When can I see you again???
I hate that I ask God these questions because everyone keeps sayin "oh God has a plan for everyone." But WTF why???????? We need you here... 
I feel you sometimes Jay and I love that feeling! You meant SO much to me. As I'm sure you to everyone in your life. I promise you that I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! 

Always && Forever
Fly safe Jay and stay close to me!!!

Time hasn't changed this pain!  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Time hasn't changed this pain!  / Mom (Mom)
As time goes by it just seems to hurt more and more without you here.We miss you so damb much !!!! I don't know what to do in this world without you , you were so important to me and in my life I hate that you aren't here any more.Life wasn't supposed to be this way ....I feel so lost .I miss you kid!!I am trying really hard to keep going for your sister and brothers but it is so hard I can't stop thinking of you and what we would be doing or talking about or what kind of crazy thing you were up to..I still just can't stop asking why???????? why you ??????You still had so much to give this f##ked up much good to bring to others lives.......WHY???            I know I know GOD  has some plan , one that I don't understand and I absolutly don't agree with , I just wish I knew what the hell it was because it has left me at such a loss I just don't know what to do.  I know I need to trust in god and the life we are promissed  it is just not easy to let go of this pain, it is so deep it litterally takes my breath away. So here is to praying for strength and some comfort in these dark days of our lives my we soon see the light !! I love you Jeremy and I will miss you until the day I die. Mom Close
i miss you  / Kyle Davis (friend "brother" )  Read >>
i miss you  / Kyle Davis (friend "brother" )
jay you have truly blessed my life and blessed me with such wanderful people i have grown so much as a person since i meet you and i wish you were here to see how you have helped me become who i am you were like a brother to me i dont care what anyone else thinks you were my brother you were the only person who truly understood me i know have someone who also understands me and if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have that i love you jay and not in a gay way ass hole i know what your sayin up there and im no fage so shut up lol i miss you and you will always be in my heart i think of you dayly "fly free but stay close" keep my under your wings jay bird Close
When you coming home?  / Anthony Nuno (Father)  Read >>
When you coming home?  / Anthony Nuno (Father)

For the past two weeks I've been getting memory flashes of you barging in the house like Kramer from Seinfeld, so excited you just found something else. You were always coming home with something new like, cameras,flashlights,mp3 players,knifes,even dogs and cats,one time you brought a snake home! I keep seeing in my minds eye, you barging through the door and keep asking myself when you coming home!? It's really painful! All I have left of you are Kyle and the memories and I refer back to the memories on a daily basis, I can't look at a picture of you without totally losing it! I was coming in from having a cigarette the other day and closing the door, one of the surround sound speakers fell really loud and hard.........was that you, because I didn't  close the door hard enough to cause the speaker to fall. When are you coming home!? You are missed so much, even the stupid shit you used to bitch about with your Mom,what I wouldn't give to hear you freak out over having to take the trash out or clean up Natties dog shit! I cant wait to see you again.

Peace ~


j / Tommy Mace (friend)  Read >>
j / Tommy Mace (friend)
i have alot of memories with seems like we were always doing something devious to make the time never to hurt anyone just to have a good time.....i messed up our friendship and i never expected to get it back........i miss him more tan anything in the world and i would give everything up to hug him one more time.......i will never forget that day.....i was painting a house and my phone wouldnt stop ringing........i wish that i never would have answered that day i can only wish to be able to tell jay that i love him and will forever miss him..........i guess if you take someone for granted your world will end up upside trish anthoby kassie saby carlos and grandma.....thing for bringing me into your home when i had nowere else to guys changed my life forever and i love you for jeremy anthony nuno.....i love him and miss him so much

                                                            tommy mace
jay bird homie you need to come back i miss you  / Jeremy Jobes (besyt homies and still are )  Read >>
jay bird homie you need to come back i miss you  / Jeremy Jobes (besyt homies and still are )
you know jay i think back to all those nights we had some drunk some sober most were drunk and its so funny cause everyone thinks you were a party person and you really werent bro everyday i woke up and there would be silly looking up at the bed smiling then here came his bobby flying at me and he would scream bobby until brandi or me got him something its so funny bro me and brandi have this thing with him we call him one of those sour patch kids sweet then sour he is just like tell him no and he does it right in front of you and then laughs what kinda of shit is that.........thats you in that lil kid a couple of days ago was the four month anv. of your death and i went up there alone for a bit i was looking around and i said jay if your here i need your help with some shit i dont know what to do and then i got the chills really bad and the wind blew just for a second and i knew you where there to help me out homie. i was talking to rob at skin fx and he finally offered a job to me all i have to do is get some shots and take a class see homie we finally got our jobs at a tattoo shop cause i know you own one up there and is all tatted up i love you homie and will see you soon. Close
u know i hate doin this kinda stuff  / Brandi Nuno (wife)  Read >>
u know i hate doin this kinda stuff  / Brandi Nuno (wife)
but something told me to come here today and let u know whats goin on- i know u can see what are life has come down to with out u but its the best i can do. i never liked coming on here-it always puts me in a funk for days at a time and i can barely handle it. but kyle is happy and he is learning so many new words. he knows our last name now too. he says it alot and always says up when he wants on the couch or in our arms. were tryin the please part but its still a lil difficult. so i was talkin to ur dad last night and he made the point that u really dont come round much to visit ur family and i had to point out that we were so strict to u and ur just out doin all the things now u werent allowed to do down here.....hope i was right and u will come back round soon we miss u dearly babe. i was thinkin bout our joke at the zoo with that one bird that would make this shape with its wings whenever it was in heat and how u were doin it the rest of the day everywhere we went....and how we only knew what it meant it made me laugh today . anyway i miss u and still havent got the courage to visit u again on the freeway but ill try to get up there its just hard when people see me and stop and try to be there too i just wanna be alone ya know but everyone misses u-i hope to see u in my dreams again soon, its all i have left babe dont forget us. me and silly love u with all our hearts- B and K Close
Thinking OF You  / Linda-lost2girls Mom2Dawn&Laurie4ever (SayAnything/Friend)  Read >>
Thinking OF You  / Linda-lost2girls Mom2Dawn&Laurie4ever (SayAnything/Friend)
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