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Born in California on January 30, 1987.
Jeremy and his cuz Jeff 1988
These two are sooooo cute and what a pair!
Me and Jeremy x-mas 89
I always loved this picture , Jeremy was always so much fun.
What a smile!!!
OUR KING! So proud
This a picture of Jeremy at his graduation from the pre-school he went to called TBC -( Thursday bible center) He wore the crown well.
1st Grade 1993
What a cutie!!
Jeremy and best friend Bryan in Karate 1993
Jeremy and Bryan did everything together from the day they meet in kindergarten.
Jeremy with his Tata , sister and bros. He loved Family!
High School Lacross
This is one of our favorite pictures of Jay. He looks so tough,  as he was. He lettered in Lacrosse his Junior Year. We were so proud of him.
Trip to Arizona
This was taken on the side of the road coming from a small town in Arizona were the donkeys ran wild . Jeremy just had to hug one. He always did love animals.
Jeremy and Bryan dancing with Grandma at his 18 birthday
Ever since she got alzhiemers she loves to dance
The Family at Disneyland 2005
We all love going to Disneyland . This was by far our best trip ever!!!
Prom 2005
    Prom 2005
Jeremy and Brandi
 Jeremy's Prom
December 17, 2005
Jeremy and Brandi were married at the Masonic lodge in El Cajon.
Prom 2006
Prom 2006
Jeremy and Brandi
Brandi's  Prom
April 4, 2006
Jeremy became a Father........Kyle Haden Nuno was born.
What a proud papa!!
Kyle's first B-Day
What a Ham! Just like his Daddy
Truly our Prince!
Jeremy and Brandi
This was the night before Jeremy Passed . As you can see he was always having fun and so full of life.
Passed away on April 22, 2007 at the age of 20, From a motorcycle accident.
4/22/07 to FOREVER!!!!
We will never be the same without you!!!!!
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